effervescent widgets (2013)

for wind ensemble (6 min.)

The University of North Carolina Wind Ensemble
Evan Feldman, conductor
April 7, 2013
Chapel Hill, NC

"effervescent widgets" is a single-movement piece composed for wind ensemble. The score is transposed and notated traditionally, with occasional aleatoric improvisation. The work was premiered by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Wind Ensemble on 7 April 2013, Evan Feldman, conductor. effervescent widgets characterizes mechanical functions via the use of repetitive ostinato passages which layer upon themselves to the point of collapse.

Special thanks t Stephen Anderson and Allen Anderson, who mentored the composition of the work, and to Evan Feldman, who’s orchestration advice and conducting genius brought the piece to life. This project wouldn’t be possible without all of their assistance and guidance! The composition was part of a Senior Honors Thesis.