Selected Works

Large Ensemble

...this mortal coil, Must give us pause... (2018)
large orchestra (6 min.)

effervescent widgets (2013)
wind ensemble (6 min.)

Solo/Chamber Ensemble

utopia (June 2018, rev. October 2018)
string quartet (7 min.)
(for the Mivos Quartet and the 2018 VIPA Festival)

Paraphs (2018)
solo piano (5 min.)
(for Jacob Rhodebeck)

Refractions: On Escher (2017)
solo flute (6 min.)

(de)gradations (2017)
mixed quartet: bcl, tbn, pno, vc (6 min.)
(commissioned by the New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble)

that which lies within (2017)
mixed octet: 2fl, ob, cl, pno, perc, vln, vc (4 min.)
(for the Ecce Ensemble and the 2017 Etchings Festival)

Fermi's Paradox (2017)
unspecified ensemble

Eleven lines of a riddle (2017)
baritone and toy piano (3 min.)

Electronics and Mixed Media

Opacities (2018)
unspecified solo woodwind, live electronics, lighting, and structure (12 min.)

Here (2016)
unspecified solo instrument and live electronics

solo piano and fixed electronics (5 min.)

Constantly risking absurdity (2015)
voice and live electronics (5 min.)