Paraphs (2018)

for solo piano (5 min.)

Inspired by the flourishes found at the end of copperplate style handwriting and signatures, Paraphs (2018) explores the loops, strokes, and allographs of cursive manuscript via fluid, circular gestures in conjunction with angular figures and embellishments. The work compares the similarities of hooks, counters, crossbars, and stems across the Latin alphabet, creating slight variations that evolve throughout the duration of the work.

While not required, it is recommended that the piece be performed in near-complete darkness, save for digital projection on the inside of the piano lid. The composer can provide a prefabricated video projection for use in performance upon request, in either a fixed or live-projection format.

Paraphs was written for pianist Jacob Rhodebeck, as part of a collaboration at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland, and will be premiered in 2018.

My abounding thanks to composer Cody Criswell, whose calligraphic talents generously grace this score.